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Rubaiya Haque, a freelance content writer, finds her joy in writing articles and blogs, experienced in working with brands, taking interviews, and exploring the fashion world. Passionate about working with niches such as makeup, food, decor and travel. Apart from writing articles, she has been an amazon affiliated product reviewer and finds video editing fun! With a decent number of articles published in The Business Standard, she is eager to take her passion for writing to a new level and to learn a lot more. 

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Reimagining unattended spaces at the DU campus

With time, many things have changed at the Dhaka University campus. While landmarks like Aparajeyo Bangla and Modhur Canteen still stand tall, new architectural wonders such as the 'Kola Bhaban Chattar' and the 'Shomaj Biggyan Chattar' have added to the beauty of the campus. Sthanik Architects, founded in 2009 by Saiqa Iqbal Meghna and Suvro Sovon Chowdhury, were behind the transformation of these two areas. The architects finished the Shomaj Biggyan Chattar project in 2016 and the Kola Bhaban

Eyeshadow Trends in Bangladesh - - 2021 Beauty

Mermaid Pearls Sparkling shimmers are never out of trend: Shimmers are universally flattering and can be carried with almost every look. For our trendy shimmer-lovers, Mermaid Pearl Eyeshadows are a must-have. Unlike the previous loose pigments, this one is powder eyeshadow. All 5 shades of shimmers have such a nice glow, you can either apply a little with light makeup on for a hangout with friends or give it a generous layer for a hand spinning look for the party. Shades like Mermaid Bliss and

Basic tools and kits to make home repair easier

The pandemic has made us spend most of our time at home. While staying indoors, you may have noticed how a few things around the house need some repairing. For example, the door that does not close properly may need its bolts tightened or the large scratch on the wall that needs to be concealed. Getting any professional help for these tiny matters may take time and cost you extra money. Why do so when you can fix these small problems by yourself? With the help of a few tools and kits, you can

R Rahman: Where tradition and style meet comfort

If you want to talk about the rising stars in Bangladesh's fashion industry, Rifat Rahman is a name that you cannot ignore. Creating a balance between tradition and contemporary fashion wear that delivers a voguish look without compromising with comfort, his brand R Rahman has become the first choice for many. Team TBS got the opportunity to have a chit-chat session with the designer Rifat Rahman. We started from the beginning, how he entered the fashion industry. Although he always had an i

From appetisers to dessert, turn tasteless leftover rutis into scrumptious meals

Who doesn't love seeing soft, warm handmade rutis alongside vegetables, eggs, or even meat on the breakfast table? Although rutis are typically eaten for breakfast, many of us eat them for dinner as well. However, leftover rutis usually end up in our refrigerators only to be thrown away at some point. Although we occasionally reheat some leftover rutis and eat them, it is not always a pleasant experience because then they become hard to chew and tasteless. So, to relieve you of the guilt of w

Interesting life-hack products to try

Online shopping has become an integral part of the new normal. To the customers' delight, the products found online keep getting more interesting day by day. There are fascinating, yet peculiar devices all over the internet. Having said that, all of us, at some point, wanted to try at least some of them but were not sure about how they would actually work. We tested three interesting life-hack products which have caused a sensation online in recent times. Let us check them out! Most of us ne

Work less, socialise more

A big part of Eid-ul-Adha revolves around the saying "home is where the kitchen is". It's a festivity of meat, meet and greet with our loved ones. Here's our pick of the most important tools to make your culinary adventures that much quicker to achieve. Great-quality mixer grinder that looks cool thanks to the contemporary black and stainless steel combo. Comes in three stainless steel jars and one one extremely transparent blender jar. Covers everything from mincing meat for all the kebabs t

The hottest hairstyles this Eid

Imagine getting all dressed up on Eid morning, putting on the best makeover you can think of, but still feeling as if your look is incomplete. In that case, the problem may be your hair. A perfect haircut that goes well with your face shape and personality makes a world of difference. And styling your hair according to your outfit just adds another feather to the crown. Let's have a look at the haircut and hairstyles trends for both men and women. "Men are mostly sticking to faded out haircu

How to turn leftover rice into a three course meal

Hailing from a Bangladeshi family, rice has always been an inseparable part of our cuisine. No matter how much we love the fancy western food at fine dining restaurants, we all crave a hearty homemade rice meal at the end of the day. As a result, we often end up having some leftover cooked rice in our fridge and throwing out the food is never an option. So most of us just reheat the leftover rice and have it the most obvious way - with a curry. But have you ever wondered how you could turn a r

Gift ideas for your superhero this Father’s day

'Babbo' in Italian, 'Otosan' in Japanese and 'Baba' in Bangla, 'superhero' is one universal term to define fathers. From taking care of all our little wishes to teaching us how to be both tough and kind at the same time and deal with the world, our fathers are our role models as we step into adulthood. Although you do not need any specific day to shower your dad with love, Father's Day can be just an excuse to express your gratitude for having him as a shelter above your head. Here are some g

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